West Sussex County to Revamp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

West Sussex County Council announced that it will change its treatment program for its drug and alcohol services.

The council is currently searching for a provider to take charge of the £5.3million per year program which is set to run for five years.

West Sussex’s Public Health Lead for Substance Misuse, Holly Yandall, told the Chichester Observer last June 16 that the council’s proposed treatment program will not only focus on treatment but will also emphasise health, well-being as well as recovery. In particular, the new program will implement community-based recovery, increase the family’s role in the patient’s recovery, promote education and training, and provide opportunities for employment and volunteering.

The council announced the plan following a report that there is a need for West Sussex’s drug and alcohol service to come to terms with recent research findings, policy updates, and trends in drug and alcohol misuse, to provide more help to people suffering from both drug misuse and mental health issues, and to make the program more reachable and accessible.

The current drug and alcohol service in West Sussex is being provided by Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) and provides support for about 1,000 drug misusers and 700 to 800 patients dependent on alcohol.

West Sussex County Council cabinet member Christine Field told the Chichester Observer:

“We want to switch to a much more mainstream type of service that will play into the objectives that the council is seeking to move towards in the next five years.”


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