News For Drug And Alcohol Industry

Jobs Within the Substance Misuse Field
Date created: 03/01/2017

This article will be of interest to anyone who is considering taking up a role within the substance misuse field. We will give a comprehensive overview of the different types of jobs available and will include information regarding their respective salaries, entry routes and pros and cons... read more

Drug and alcohol misusers who refuse to seek treatment may lose sickness benefits under new proposal by the government
Date created: 05/08/2015

Alcohol and drug misusers receiving sickness benefits may lose their privilege if they do not seek treatment... read more

New Drug and Alcohol Centre Set to Open in South Yorkshire
Date created: 17/07/2015

Misusers of drugs and alcohol in South Yorkshire are set to get a boost in their journey to recovery with the help of a centre that is going to open in Rotherham... read more

West Sussex County to Revamp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program
Date created: 25/06/2015

West Sussex County Council announced that it will change its treatment program for its drug and alcohol services... read more

Available part-time jobs have increased but UK students do not want to work
Date created: 24/06/2015

Part-time jobs across UK have risen for the past ten years, but almost half of young people don't want Saturday jobs anymore... read more

Cardiff Salvation Army drug and alcohol service marked 10 years of service
Date created: 17/06/2015

Salvation Army celebrated 10 years of providing drug and alcohol treatment in Cardiff in an event held at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre in Cardiff Bay area... read more

Gwent will Launch Integrated Substance Abuse Service
Date created: 21/05/2015

Gwent announced that it will start a new substance abuse service that integrates family intervention with drugs and alcohol services... read more

Pilot program offering substance misusers free bus rides
Date created: 04/15/2015

The scheme has been initiated by Transport Scotland four months ago in partnership with Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (ADP). Transport Scotland is a government agency responsible for transport issues in Scotland. It has been giving free bus trips to individuals with disabilities, injured veterans and the elderly. .. read more

Addaction Receives Grant to Extend Support of Ex-Soldiers Struggling with Substance Misuse
Date created: 23/03/2015

Drug and alcohol charity Addaction was awarded £177,949 to extend its support of ex-service men and women struggling with substance misuse.. read more

More than 3,000 London children went through drug abuse treatment in 2014
Date created: 17/03/2015

Treatment centres in London treated 3,448 substance misusers below 18 last 2014.. read more